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Bio-enzymatic cleaner additives for your Fish Tank or live Aquarium - 500g Mr. Bacteria No.11

A natural bio-enzymatic product for eliminating odours and organic deposits in your aquarium.

Significantly reduces the need for regular cleaning of the aquarium.
Safe product for fish and plants.
Filters clog less, are easier to clean.
Increases the oxygen content in water.
Clear water column.
Removes deposits.

Extra effective - contains 1000 billion bacteria in a 0.5 kg package.

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Detailed product description

Mr. Bacteria No. 11 is a mixture of bacterial spores, enzymes, and nutrients necessary for the activity of microorganisms.

Applying this product in aquariums will result in the decomposition of organic sediments on the bottom and in water column using highly mobile natural unmodified aerobic bacteria and facultative anaerobic bacteria with positive chemotaxis (they can recognize the type of chemical waste in the aquarium and swim to it). At the same time, the water column is significantly cleaned. Simultaneously, the dissolved oxygen content increases. Regular use of Mr. Bacteria No. 11 guarantees a high reproduction of bacteria, which results in continuous cleaning of the aquarium.

Bacterial force:

We have been selling bacterial preparations for more than 15 years and we know that the bacterial strength of the preparation (i.e. the number of bacteria that the product contains) is particularly important in the production of high-quality and truly effective bacterial mixtures. The higher the content of bacteria in the product, the higher its bacterial strength. That is why we maximize the number of bacteria in each of our products, thus increasing its effectiveness! We declare that our products contain an extra number of bacteria, which help to eliminate the odour and organic waste very effectively!

Instructions for use:

Mix the required amount of the product mixture in a ratio of ½ measuring cups: ¼ litre of water (water can be from the aquarium) and immediately pour the resulting solution into the aquarium. For an aquarium with a size of 400 litres, dose regularly once a week ½ measuring cups.The starting dose is one measuring cup for 400 litres of water. The product is harmless to all species of aquatic animals and aquatic plants.

The package also includes a practical measuring cup.


Apply the product regularly, otherwise the biological cleaning process will be interrupted. When using the product, do not use aggressive disinfectant or acids and alkalis concurrently. In case of contact with skin or eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water for 10 minutes. Store in a dry place at a temperature of 5 to 30° C in a closed container, out of reach of children. Minimum shelf life is 12 months from the opening of the product packaging, subject to storage instructions. A mixture of non-pathogenic microorganisms, bacteria, and nutrients. The product does not have the character of a dangerous preparation for human health in the sense of the criteria set by law.

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    On our website you can buy products of the brand Mr. Bacteria under the designation of Mr. Bacteria No. 1-14. All products from Mr. Bacteria are made of the highest quality raw materials, which ensures their quality, high bacterial strength and functionality. Mr. Bacteria are tested by thousands of satisfied customers. Also try the quality and functionality of our products. We are happy for your satisfaction with the use of our products.

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